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Lady's Calendar - menstrual calendar application

Every modern woman has to understand that the greatest wealth in the world is health. Particularly for the active, professional and determined woman who works, takes care of her family and has a myriad of other everyday activities. Sadly enough, the daily whirl of events often times diverts the serious attention a woman needs to pay to her health and minimizes the time to look after the inner and the outer beauty of a woman.

This is why we created Lady's Calendar - a program designed specially for women. Lady's Calendar is simple and easy to use. This multifunctional menstrual calendar will help you track and monitor your menstrual cycles, keep fit and find more free time for yourself

Menstrual calendar subfunctionality

Sometimes a menstruation may start unexpectedly when a woman is not ready for it. Such moments make a woman feel insecure and awkward. Therefore, it is highly recommended that every woman keep a menstruation calendar and monitor the duration of the cycles. By using this simple program, a woman can better plan her business trips, holidays, private life; feel confident that no accidents are about to happen. Lady's Calendar offers a number of features, such as keeping your ovulation calendar, printing cycle statistics before your doctor's appointment, creating your own pill calendar, and much more. Using calendar-based contraception method and depending on your aim, the program will help you to either experience the joy of motherhood or avoid unwanted pregnancy

Lady's Calendar Features

  • Lady's Calendar helps you take care of your health

  • The program helps you track your menstrual cycle, calculate ovulation and your fertile days

  • The special built-in reminder helps you never miss any planned events

  • Lady's Calendar is simple, compact and easy-to-use

  • The program is password protected which helps you keep all your data in privacy

  • The data you enter can be printed on paper

  • By using Lady's Calendar you can preplan your pregnancy or avoid the unwanted conception

  • With Lady's Calendar you can create your temperature statistics. It will help you to prognose your individual ovulation accurate

  • The program is translated into 10+ languages

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