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The American marathon will start and stop at the Fiserv community forum with dollars MILWAUKEE CBS TV Studios 58 - Many athletes will decide to use the roads for the US marathon last week. The festivals will become and will end on the square before the Fiserv Community Forum on Wednesday, April 6th. The 1st backrounds start at 6 o'clock. m. The rally and rally of 50% begin at 7 pm. m. The 2011 course will showcase the best points of interest that the United States has to offer, including Body of Water, Michigan State, the water feature, the Washington car park, the Washington car park, Marquette College and the Wisconsin method. An event will take place on the Fiserv Community Forum Square after each of the platters where people can enjoy food and drink, as well as audio tracks and games of your dollars. The women's and men's marathon champions will probably be grateful during the 4 hours. m. Dollars Fleece quarter zip at quarterzip video game against the Brooklyn fabric. "The American marathon can be an exciting and inspiring celebration, and the dollars are thrilled to be part of this new annual tradition by hosting the beginning and end of the square before the Fiserv community forum," said Erika. Belot, Senior VP of Bucks Commitments and Improvements. "Good quality to continue to welcome the American marathon in the years to come." Runners from all distances receive an ethnic medallion, t-shirt and lucky charm. Marathon runners, all 50%, will likely get a commemorative 1/4 zip. To view a complete list of path closures, click the link. .

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