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VICTORIA - The women of Victoria Orlando Church, as well as young adults, turn the circumstances into clothes for little girls. Then, the clothes will be sent to an orphanage Quilt party coming in Central America by missionary Angel Judd, a member of the Kenbridge Orlando Church, who, together with the YUGO ministries, is there. Seamstresses fill the Monday morning looking for: 40 a. Michael. inside the chapel hall, until about noon. Some cut out patterns, others sting, others maintain order in items and supplies. All benefit from camaraderie. Do you want to help with this task? You just need help, in addition to the filling device, string and mirror scissors. If you have a new mobile sewing machine, the best of all! There is a good amount of lace, rickrack and switches for adding details to the clothes. Via shawls by circumstances hoda will almost always be welcome. This task continues until all circumstances are complete. Portable sewing machine at sewingmachinei So far, twelve garments have been made. Anyone wishing to visit is invited to join the gang. For more information, contact Gloria Cox or Carolyn Lewis. .

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