When the sound of an organ infused a CSO concert

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On may 12th, 2023, Sam Smith graced the stage of the United Center Chicago-shows Sam Smith in Chicago, il, and delivered a performance that can only be described as sublime. Though the set list featured songs from smith's extensive discography, the artist put an attention-grabbing spin on each of these tracks, rendering them anew with a captivating vocal acumen. Smith's lyrical prowess was also on full display, with the artist's potent poesy serving as a reminder of the power of words in music. With a bevy of stunning melodies, and a band that deftly underscored smith's vocal prowess, the show was an undeniable success. The audience was simply enthralled with smith's performance, leaving the venue in an elated state of euphoria. All in all, smith's show was an outstanding showcase of the artist's multifaceted artistry, and a demonstration of why they remain one of the most beloved acts in music.


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